Dish Offers FREE Horror Movies For October

night of the living deadDish subscribers can enjoy a free horror movie every day this month, so viewers who miss the AMC hit “The Walking Dead” can at least watch alternative programming with similar themes for no additional cost.

The official Facebook page for Dish posted a message, stating: ”DISH understands that ‘The Walking Dead’ on AMC is a very popular series. To show appreciation, customers will be provided ‘Tales of the Apocalypse,’ a free scary movie fest every day in the month of October. Starting at 8 PM ET on Blockbuster Studio, channel 102, ‘Walking Dead’ fans can enjoy these horror/science-fiction commercial free movies. Additional On Demand scary movies will also be available for only 10 cents each. Visit for full details as well as the full list of scary movies.”

The movies slated for broadcast includes classics like  “Night of the Living Dead,” “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” “Day of the Dead,” “Cyborg,” “Re-Animator” and “Invaders From Mars.” Since “The Walking Dead” is a horror themed show and it’s premiering in October, the same month as Halloween—the horror movie promotion definitely appropriate. Whether that will be enough to calm the collective withdrawal symptoms of Dish customers who are also “Walking Dead” fans remains to be seen.

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